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March Myths? Lesson to Record March’s Weather

The saying goes that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  In Missouri, however, I’m pretty sure we get chimps, seals, toucans, and buffalo in there somewhere as well.

For farmers, weather is really important.  We plant when soil temperatures are warm, we can’t do much of anything in the rain, and we hope for few storms and no hail.  But what we want and what we get are often two different things!

In addition to the lion/lamb saying there are several other “wives tales” surrounding March weather.

A dry March and a wet May?Fill barns and bays with corn and hay.

As it rains in March so it rains in June.

March winds and April showers? Bring forth May flowers.

Are any of these true?

Find out by recording the weather this month.  Use a simple calender, or even a piece of notebook paper to write down a few simple facts about the weather each day.  Make note of the temperature, clouds or sunshine, wind, and precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, or hail).

Check back at the end of the month for graph lesson plans to record your data, and look for more weather ideas all through March!

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