How many kinds of weather can you think of?

There are lots of types of storms, but today let’s BRAINSTORM!  brainstorm weather

Grab a blank sheet of paper and start writing.  Some people like to brainstorm by writing a list; other prefer to make a web.  Whatever you do– just write it down!

The best thing about brainstorming is there are no wrong answers.  You are not taking a test.  You are not showing what you know.  You are coming up with ideas.  And later you might decide the idea wasn’t what you needed, but for now, everything goes!

Go on– do it now!

Did you think of weather we have each day?  What about weather we have over a long period of time?  What about climate, which is a really long period of time.  Don’t forget weather disasters or your favorite kinds of weather.

Now that you’ve brainstormed, let’s do something with your list.  Look through it and choose three types of weather that could affect a farmer.  Circle them.  Could you make a movie about farming with your weather choice?  Would it make a funny story or a dramatic play?  Is it just another day on the farm?  Jot some notes or talk to a friend and see what brainy ideas your storm came up with!

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