March Myths? Graphing March Weather

This month we have been exploring the ways weather matters to farmers.  Some of you have also been collecting data about the weather in your area.  We asked a few questions about March and now we can use this data to find the answers.  But just looking at a list of numbers may not be the easiest way to learn anything!

That is why we need a graph.  Graphs are a way to take data and make them into something like a picture.  This makes them easy to understand!

The first thing you need to do is decide what data to put in a graph.  I am choosing to put two kinds of data in my chart; lion days and lamb days.types of graphs
I used a program on my computer to draw this pie graph.  Its called a pie graph because you slice a circle into pieces to show data.  When I look at this graph I can see easily there were more lamb days than lion!



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