Farm Bureau Event

It wasn’t quite what we envisioned, but “Where Does Your Pizza Come From?” event was lots of fun!  The last-minute rain sent us inside, but we ground wheat into flour, “made” pizza sauce, milked goats and learned about making cheese, pet chickens and a calf, planted seeds, learned about farm safety, and ate pizza!  Early’s Tractor in Cameron donated a remote control tractor and a barn set which were given away as prizes, and despite being literally blown away by it all, we had a lot of fun!

Here are the pictures from the event, as well as the questions from the game.  Do you know the answers?

1.) How many people does one farmer feed?

Farm Bureau event

2. What two states grow the most green peppers?

Farm Bureau event

3.) How long does it take a tomato plant to produce mature fruit?

Farm Bureau event

4.) How many states have cattle farms or ranches?

Farm Bureau event

5.) What is meat from a hog called?

Farm Bureau event

6.) What two kinds of wheat are usually used in pizza crust?

Farm Bureau event

7.) Beef is a great source of what three nutrients?

Farm Bureau event

8.) As a nation, how many acres of pizza does America consume in one day?

Stumped?  Here are the answers! 1.) One farmer feeds 155 people. 2.) California and Florida grow the most green peppers. 3.) It takes a tomato plant 75-85 days to become a mature plant. 4.) All 50 states produce beef. 5.) Meat from a hog (or pig) is called pork. 6.) Hard red spring wheat and Hard red winter wheat are primarily used in pizza crusts. 7.) Beef is a great source of “zip”– zinc, iron, and protein.  8.) Americans eat 100 acres of pizza each day!

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3 thoughts on “Farm Bureau Event

  1. Diane Olson

    Thanks for doing this Kelly! What a great way to connect children…and adults to agriculture.

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  3. I am so glad I found your blog!! I blog for our family farm and on each Friday I showcase a lesson about farming, food, animal, plants, etc and provide teachers with free resources. Guaranteed I will be linking back to your blog many times! Keep up the good work. PS I found you through a link on Pinterest. 😉

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