Election 2012

2012 is a big election year!  We will vote for President of the United States, as well as many Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and local and state offices.

Some people believe politicians in Washington do not affect their lives, but on our farm our daily life has a lot to do with the laws and regulations others put into place.  Let me give you an example.

Last year the Missouri River flooded.  Check out this map of the US.

You can see that the Missouri River goes through many states, not just Missouri.  So when the river flooded, lots of people had trouble!  The Army Corps of Engineers decided the best thing to do would be to dynamite a levy– a dam built up with dirt to keep the river where it belongs.  When they blew the levy up thousands of Missouri homes, businesses, and farms were destroyed in the horrible flooding that followed.  The Corps said destroying the levy was the best way to control the flood.  Many Missourians disagree.

This year we will vote for leaders who will write new laws.  We can choose leaders who promise to pass laws that will change how the Army Corps of Engineers does its job, or we can choose leaders who plan to keep things the way they are.

The farms that were underwater last year are dry now, but they are still unusable.  The sand and debris from the flooding cover the good, rich dirt, keeping plants from growing.  Scientists say it could be 20 years before the land is usable again.

So tell me, do you think politicians in Washington can affect your life?  Who will you choose in Election 2012?

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