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History of Agriculture Theme Unit

One of the best things about homeschooling is choosing to study what you like!  We recently completed a theme unit on the history of agriculture.  If this sounds like fun to you, here ya go!



The American Family Farm by Joan Anderson

Farming Then and Now by Katie Roden

Pictures from the Farm by JC Allen and Son, Inc. (Brett loved this one!)

Case Photographic History by April Halberstadt

The Big Book of Tractors by John Deere

Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm by Billy Steers (and other Tractor Mac books)

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingles Wilder, Chapters 10 &11

History of Agriculture Theme Unit


Keep a vocabulary list of all the new words you learn

Brainstorm facts you’ve learned about farming; choose one to write in your journal

Explore the poem “One for the Mouse, one for the crow, one to rot, one to grow”

Pretend you are living on a family farm __ years ago.  Write a letter to someone telling them about your day.


Create a timeline of farm history (We started about 1800.).  Add to it through the unit.  These ready-made timelines were great resources!

“Plant” (glue) ears of corn in numerical order.  For older students, plant numbers by 2s, 5s, etc. or backwards.

Use this website from to learn how many miles a man walked to plant one acre, how much a plow cost and billions of other math facts from the 19th Century!

Use the “one for the mouse” poem to do a little hands-on subtraction

History of Agriculture Theme Unit


Try this experiment to learn why rubber tires were a great improvement over horses hooves and steel wheels.

Experiment with tying straw sheaves.  If you don’t have straw large weeds from the side of  the road will work as well.  Will your sheaves protect the straw from the rain?

Make a farm diorama with a shoe box, clay, plastic toy cowboys and horses (can you figure out a way to dress your cowboys to look like farmers?), and any other things you can imagine!

Social Studies

Try sowing seeds yourself.  Grass seed is a great choice.

Use a hand grinder to grind wheat.

Watch the archival footage on these John Deere DVDs. CombinesTractors

Field Trip!  The best part of homeschooling– right?!  Visit Missouri Town, an Amish community, or similar location

History of Agriculture Theme Unit


Make a collage of seeds

Design a piece of machinery the could help farmers.  Use food boxes, paper towel tubes, brads, yarn, whatever!

Roll toy tractors in (washable) paint and create prints


The Parable of the Sower, Luke 8:5-8

Other Internet Resources

Country Life vs. City Life from Home School Year Blog

Farm Theme Pinterest board

Fun on the Farm by Fabulous in First Blog

Counting 1-5 Grain Bins from Hands On: As We Grow Blog

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In Memory: Easy Chicken Nuggets!

The rooster’s time has come.  For months now he had been a happy, well-behaved bird.  But no more.  On Thursday he left a long red mark down my little girl’s arm, and on Friday he attacked my son.  So McChicken has become nuggets.  In his memory, here is the recipe for our favorite, easy chicken nuggets you can make at home.  Even if you have to purchase your chicken from the store :-).

Easy Chicken Nuggets

Weelicious Easy Chicken Nuggets

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Farm Fresh Eggs, Not what you’ll see in the grocery store!

Have you ever opened a carton of eggs at the grocery store and wondered: how are they all so perfectly identical?  Well, the answer to that question is simple.  Someone gets rid of all the eggs that look different!  Not that they go to waste mind you.  Unique or misshapened eggs can be used in egg products and such, but you won’t see them that way in the grocery store!

The fun of having farm fresh eggs is more than the excitement of finding them each day or even watching a chicken lay an egg (which is a very big event for the chicken by the way), but we also get to see all kinds of chicken eggs.  Real.  Just the way the hens lay them.

For example:

Farm Fresh Eggs, not what you'll see in the grocery store!

I collected these just the other day.  As you can see, that front one is a monster!  And as is usually the case with such eggs, inside it contained two yolks!

farm fresh eggs, not what you'll see in the grocery store

And it made the yummiest scrambled eggs 🙂

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Harvest Photographs

Harvest photograph

Harvest Photographs

Harvest Photographs

Harvest Photographs

Harvest photograph

These are a few of my favorite pics I snapped during harvest season this year.  l.eave me a message and tell me which is your favorite!



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