A Field Trip to a Farm

If you’re going to take a field trip, why not visit a field?!  DeKalb county Farm Bureau is once again sponsoring “Where Does Your Pizza Come From?” field trip to the farm!  Last year we had a lot of fun, but it rained so that put a damper on our plans.  Well, if at first you don’t succeed… we’re doing it again!

where does your pizza come from

If you can make the journey to the Cameron, Missouri area save Saturday, July 6th for a day to ride in the combine as it harvests wheat, milk a goat at learn how to make mozzarella cheese, pet beef cows, and get dirty!  We’ll be harvesting at the Bray’s farm– directions will be available soon!!

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One thought on “A Field Trip to a Farm

  1. I love this picture… It takes me back to my childhood when I threw hay bales with my grandfather. Thank you for this post.

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