Spring Growth

The farm at springtime  {DaddysTractor.com}

“Baby” chicks, almost grown!

The farm at springtime  {DaddysTractor.com}

Red Delicious apples

The farm at springtime  {DaddysTractor.com}

Abundant spring rains have been good for my roses!

The farm at springtime  {DaddysTractor.com}

Hoping to harvest a couple of peaches.

The farm at springtime  {DaddysTractor.com}

Beans coming up through the rye grass

The farm at springtime  {DaddysTractor.com}

Last night’s beautiful sunset!

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7 thoughts on “Spring Growth

  1. Beautiful photos 🙂

  2. Holy moly, that’s a HUGE tractor! Great photos BTW!

  3. Your pics are Awesome, as usual!

  4. Beautiful! 😀

    Our neighbor’s chickens often come to our yard for a visit…I love looking out the kitchen window and seeing the mama chicken with all of her little ones. 🙂

  5. Just found your blog today, and I find it fascinating. I always dreamed of living on a farm….alas, I was born a city girl. However, I have been living the country life for a few months now, and though it’s not a farm, it is an idyllic life.

    That family photo on your home page is beautiful. ❤

  6. Those are some great shots! Thanks for sharing.

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