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Our First Blue Chicken Egg!

You won’t see this in your grocery store!  This morning the kids and I were feeding goats and checking chickens when we discovered a thrilling find– our first blue chicken egg!  There really is something amazing about finding eggs in the laying boxes, even after a year of collecting them.  But finding the tiny little eggs that usually signify a hen’s first attempts is a kind of a little miracle all its own.  And this one was even more exciting because we’ve been waiting more than a year for our first blue-green Easter Egger egg!

Our first blue chicken egg!  {DaddysTactor.com

Daddy theorizes Easter Egger chickens (a cross designed to lay colored eggs) taste better than the others because last year we lost three of five Easter Eggers to the neighbor’s dog and the other two were roosters.   The roos were less than useful at laying eggs 😉 but they were tasty.

Our first blue chicken egg!  {DaddysTactor.com}

So we tried again this spring with five new Egger chicks and right away we noticed at least one was going to be a rooster, maybe two.  So I braced myself for the possibilities.  But the dogs have stayed away and I’m looking at a real, blue-green egg!

Our first blue chicken egg!  {DaddysTactor.com

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