A New Addition

I told you in my last post we welcomed a new addition to our family.  I’ve been hoping to add sheep here on the farm for a while now, but that’s not exactly the direction we went…


Its fun… for now!

On the previous Monday we got our foster care license, and last Tuesday we picked up a little baby boy!  For privacy reasons I can’t post pictures of him, but he is a bright-eyed, 5 month old with the biggest grin!  We’re loving him already!

A new addition to our family! {DaddysTractor.com}

We waited at the Children’s Division office for a while to get all the paperwork etc., and only had my phone to entertain us…

I can, in future posts, have pictures of him as just part of the family and not labeled as a foster child, however, so faithful followers may catch a glimpse of “Baby” here and there. 😉

Brett and Anna have been the best big sibs.  Brett actually wants to help change diapers and I’m working to convince him he doesn’t have to hold Baby standing up to be a big kid!!  Anna wants to be the baby’s mommy and loves nothing more than to hold the bottle or give Baby his pacifier.  In fact, I bought pacifiers for her benefit, not Baby’s!  Not really sure he likes them at all-lol!


Never mind the fuzzy pajamas. Anna believes that warm weather needs warm pjs.

We’re keeping up with the school schedule I’d already set, Praise God, but if you’d like to offer a prayer on our behalf, pray Baby soon switches to the more age-appropriate 2-3 naps/day instead of his preferred newborn pattern of sleeping part of each hour!  This momma really would appreciate it!  (The prayers and the naps!)

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7 thoughts on “A New Addition

  1. we are about to be foster parents… any advice?

    • Jill

      I have sent your Heartbreak of Foster Care to several friends. We are foster parents too. In particular, we want to see more really good people become foster parents. I have started a FB page that you are welcome to join. Whether you are very interested or a little curious, we would love to have you. It is specific to Indiana in some regards, but I plan to share a lot of general info as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/133006040212393/

  2. Thank you for doing this.Will keep you in prayers.

  3. Did you adopt him or are you fostering him? I think I missed that part sorry. I am praying he gets on a better sleep schedule soon. 🙂

  4. You are amazing to keep up with homeschooling and a new baby. Praying for better naps 🙂 What a blessing and so fast!

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