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Public Bathing

A little privacy please!

I was outside shooting pics of the dump truck when this photographic opportunity popped up.  And despite the fact that bathing should really be a private matter, I couldn’t resist snapping this girl in the middle of her bath.  Dust bath that is!

chicken habbits {DaddysTractor.com}

Chickens won’t bathe in your typical bird bath, but coating themselves in a layer of fine dust actually helps them be hygienic.  They roll about until their feathers covered because the layer of dirt suffocates any mites that might be looking for a permanent residence.  When they are finished they’ll run their feathers through their beaks to lock the barbs on the veins together like a zipper.  If you’ve ever found a feather on the ground and pulled it apart you’re doing the opposite.

chickens on the farm

And while chickens, like the Romans, seem perfectly fine with public baths, the look this hen is giving my camera just screamed annoyance.

A little privacy please!

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