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Have Combine, Will Travel

You are probably used to seeing pictures of combines looking like this: happily harvesting through fields with the sun setting in the background.

How a harvest crew travels!  {DaddysTractor.com}

I posted this pic to Instagram. For more day to day farm life follow me @daddystractor!

And while this is a good look for a combine, it’s a bit overdressed for traveling.

Traveling with a harvest operation can be a BIG DEAL.  You’ve got to move the cart, the semis, the fuel trailer, the combine, and the head wagon down roads lined with overgrown tree branches, mailboxes and telephone poles.  When this bad boy heads for the highway its tires can touch from one white line to the other.  But that’s just the combine.

The head (on our combine) is much broader than the combine itself.  In fact, it’s actually 35 feet wide!  So before heading off into the sunset the head must be removed and loaded onto a wagon.

How a combine travels down the road!  {DaddysTractor.com}


This is best done with at least two, if not three people.  Here you see Wayne (the newest addition to the farm) helping direct Grandpa to line the grain head up with the wagon.  Cory is on the other side doing the same.

How a combine travels down the road!  {DaddysTractor.com}

When the head is properly lined up Grandpa can set it down and release it from the combine.

How a combine travels down the road!  {DaddysTractor.com}

Then the truck can pull the head wagon down the road.

have combine, will travel

Looks a bit different, don’t you agree!

How a combine travels down the road!  {DaddysTractor.com}

It’ll still be a task to maneuver this massive piece of equipment down the road, but at least we won’t take out every mailbox between here and the next farm!

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