Preschoolers and Pumpkins

I know October is almost over, but I had to share this pumpkin unit I did with the preschoolers at our homeschool cooperative yesterday.  Actually I plan to share all of the lessons I did with them, but this one is time-sensitive. 😉

We’ve been learning Nursery Rhyme, reading them over and over each week, but focusing on one in particular every Friday for the three hours I have them.  This week we did Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater of course!

Pumpkin puzzles are a favorite both in my house and here on the blog.  I tried making them several ways, but these horizontal rings are your best bet for holding together.

A nursery rhyme pumpkin theme!

Since everybody (who doesn’t have to clean it up) loves glue, the pumpkin mosaics were popular.  I could have cut pumpkin shapes out of cardstock or whatever, but I’m a believer in process over product when it comes to this sort of thing.  Time is money.  Less is more.  Whatever.  The kids loved this station best and that’s what I care about!

A nursery rhyme pumpkin theme!

We also used unifix cubes to measure pumpkins.  These kiddos range in age from almost three to five years old, so for some of the older ones I encouraged them to measure the pumpkin, then the stem, and add them together.  I also allowed free play with the cubes and we ended up with pens for some My Little Ponies.  Just think what they’re learning about area and diameter. 😉

A nursery rhyme pumpkin theme!

For art I cut these great little pumpkin shapes on my Cricut and left them at home.  So I quickly cut out some hand-drawn pumpkins and the kids ignored them almost entirely since the paint was such fun.  After all, it isn’t everyday someone lets you paint with straws!

A nursery rhyme pumpkin theme!

I helped them make a small mound of paint with regular water colors and then blow the paint across the page to make vines.  This little artist had the coolest vines which he choose to cover up with the only one of my hand-cut pumpkins to be used.  This is both the joy and the irony of working with children.  I thought about making my own so I could show you how cool this project can be, but if you do this with preschoolers, this is what theirs will look like, so why lie?  And unless you can figure out how to isolate the green in the water color pack they will also use all the colors.  Just being honest.

We also read the Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater poem from two different books and (who knows why) these kids were amazed at how different the artists’ renderings were.  We had an in-depth conversation about actually living in a pumpkin and if it could have a window box with flowers.

If you need more great ideas, check out the unit I did with my son for kindergarten last year.

Pumpkin thematic unit for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade. {}

And leave me a comment if you’ve got some great pumpkin activity up your sleeve.  I’ll need it for next year!

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3 thoughts on “Preschoolers and Pumpkins

  1. Diane Olson

    Before next year, let me share some of the things i have on pumpkins. You might want to add them to your program.

  2. I think it’s so amazing the life you live with farming and homschooling! 🙂 Cute pumpkin theme! Looking forward to reading more of your writings!

  3. I love the staw-blown vine idea!!! Definitely doing this with my LO! Based on you experience, maybe we’ll do the vines tomorrow morning, let them dry, then glue the pumkins on in the evening. 🙂

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