What’s in the Bible?

Yay!  I’m pretty much bouncing up and down because its here!  We’ve been waiting for almost three years for this moment and its finally here!  The final DVD of “What’s in the Bible?” is available!

What’s more is that I have just been approved as an affiliate for “What’s in the Bible?”– meaning I get to link to their stuff on my blog (and if you click it, I get a commission!).  When I started this blog two years ago that was one of my goals: share about life on the farm, post great lesson plans and activities, and have a link to “What’s in the Bible?” ;-). (Yes, there are two. I’m excited.)

So, what is this great DVD you ask?

Just my family’s favorite kid’s program.  Possibly ever.

These thirteen DVDs walk you through the entire Bible and take a look at the big picture of God’s message to us.  The show is hosted by puppets, namely Buck Denver, and the man behind Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer.

The puppets do get a little carried away from time to time, but the slightly over the top drama is easily outweighed by a show that is enjoyed by our four and six year olds as well as my husband and I.  And I can’t believe how much I’ve learned from a puppet.

When Brett started kindergarten I looked for a religion curriculum for him, but found nothing for his age group, definitely nothing that I liked.  These DVDs have been great because he doesn’t need to be able to read or write, we all love watching them together on Sunday nights, and I can print coloring pages, memory verses, and other stuff from whatsinthebible.com.

We also took the DVDs to junior high church camp and the 12-14 year olds loved them too.

Try them– you’ll love them.  And if you click through with one of my little links,  I’ll love you too. 😉

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3 thoughts on “What’s in the Bible?

  1. I’m ashamed to say this is the first we have heard of this series…I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Janinne Paulson

    Good morning! Someone recently sent me this link. https://daddystractor.com/2014/02/24/the-heartbreak-of-foster-care/

    I work as a foster home licenser for my county and we are constantly recruiting for additional foster homes. Your blog post was incredibly moving and I am wondering if we could obtain permission from you (giving you all due credit of course) to have it reprinted in our area weekly papers during foster care month. The post was not only incredibly moving but thought provoking as well.

    I subscribed to your blog hoping to find a way to contact you, since I did not see a way to do so through the post we found so touching.

    Hoping to hear from you,

    PS – “What’s in the Bible?” sounds great!

    Janinne Paulson LSW II
    Mountrail County Social Services
    PO Box 39
    Stanley, ND 58784-0039
    Ph. 628-2924~~FAX 628-3175

    If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you. –Sister Mary Trickey

    • I’d love for you to use this post! Thanks so much! And I appreciate the credit as well. 😉 I hope it’s useful to you.

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