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It’s Fall, ya’ll!

Harvest is in full swing here on Marshall Farms!

Anna in the combine

Brett and Anna have been jockeying for position on the combine.


Daddy is a rare and elusive creature that comes out of the field only when it rains.


And life has taken on a frantic new feeling as we rush to get corn out of quickly flooding fields and into the bins.  If all goes well this should be a fantastic year for crop production, but never count your chickens before they’re hatched or your bushels before they’re in the bin.  Harvest may be in full swing, but it’s certainly not over!

But aside from the hectic harvest we’ve been a little crazy around here for another reason. Please excuse my lack of blogging, but we recently added another foster child to our family. She’s five years old and really cute, but it’s been a little overwhelming.

So enjoy the fall leaves, be patient with the slow-moving combines (they’re feeding the world), and say a prayer for our family if you think about it.  Happy fall ya’ll.

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