Married to Prince Farming

So really and truly I mean this, I don’t usually watch The Bachelor.  But this season people are crazy for the tall, blonde, and handsome Chris.  Why?  Because he’s a farm boy.  Prince Farming if you will.  And girls from LA to Chicago are lined up to marry a tractor-driving, Carhartt-wearing, corn-planting farmer.

Being married to a real Prince Farming

And why not?  He’s Traditional, Classic, All-American.  Or at least that’s what the tag-line says.

Believe me, I get the appeal because I am, in fact, married to my own tractor-driving, Carhartt-wearing, corn-planting farmer.  He is traditional, classic, and most definitely All-American.

What it's really like to be married to Prince Farming

But he has never worn a suit and tie to the shed.

And I see these girls on the show, lined up in cocktail dresses and hoping for their turn to ride in the hot air balloon over the Santa Fe countryside or attend a Cinderella ball in real diamonds and I wonder if they really get what they’re signing up for?

I haven’t worn a cocktail dress since 2007.

being married to a real Prince Farming

Granted, I’ve come along way in being a good farm wife since then.  I’ve learned a lot and I can tell those girls, forget about milking a goat, this is what you’ll need to know.

A Prince Farming will take care of you.  He’s the strong, masculine man who can rescue his fair lady on a white horse.

A Princess Farming has to take care of herself too.  Need something done during spring planting or fall harvest?  Better learn to DIY, Princess.

A Prince Farming will show you he loves you everyday by working hard to take care of your family.

A Princess Farming must come to terms with what “work day” means.  He doesn’t do 9-5.  Or 8-5.  Or even 7-7 sometimes.

A Prince Farming will know how to fix your washing machine.

A Princess Farming will find soybean, corn, bolts, and assorted tractor parts in said washing machine, as well as dirt.  So much dirt.  But as The Dakota Farmer’s Wife says, don’t expect to find any money.

A Prince Farming will make the best Daddy.

A Princess Farming will pray for rain so Daddy can come home and wrangle the kiddos for a few hours.

A Prince Farming will make you feel special with that grin he saves just for you.

A Princess Farming will go on dates to the parts supply store and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the monitor’s glow in the combine.

A Prince Farming will support you in who you are and who you choose to become.

A Princess Farming should learn to become a staunch supporter of the farm, because the farm is almost as much a part of her husband as his family is.

Marrying a farmer is a great idea.  They’re a breed apart.  But so is their world.  When you love him, you’ll love it.

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4 thoughts on “Married to Prince Farming

  1. Loving your post..

  2. Peggy Wiedmeyer

    Well said! I’ve been married to a farmer for 39 years and what you say is true for what I’ve experienced. Wouldn’t trade him for a city slicker, but I wouldn’t mind a real vacation together someday. I discovered your blog a few months ago and always enjoy what you write.

  3. Courtney

    Well said. The rain for me is an internal struggle: Would I like help for a day or do I want him to just get done?? A cocktail dress would be nice, though. I know you would like to wear one, too.

  4. This is all so true! I hope they know what they’re in for and appreciate it as much as we do. My boyfriend fits perfectly into the “prince farming” category too and while the lifestyle can be challenging, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

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