There Should be Something Wrong with my Cat

My goats are fine.  My chickens are healthy.  There isn’t even anything wrong with my cats.  But there should be.

Why GMOs won't kill you

If you know anything about GMOs you probably know about the study done in Europe where the mice that ate GMO corn all grew horrible, appalling tumors.  For a thousand reasons that don’t matter for this post, this study was bad science and worse journaling.  But from the sound of that article you’d expect anything that ate Genetically Modified Organisms to be dropping dead of cancer constantly.

So it might interest you to know, they are not.  Dropping dead I mean.

Happy, healthy chickens eating GMO feed  {}

Why should they be sick or dying?

Well, thanks to the Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow program (ALOT) I am now part of, I recently heard that in 2014 nearly 90% of the corn, soybeans, and cotton produced in the US is genetically engineered.  A vast majority of that corn and soybeans don’t go directly to people for eating, but to animals as feed.

Animals have been eating genetically modified feed for 20 years.

Happy, healthy chickens eating GMO feed  {}

And none of mine have tumors.

In fact, Forbes recently reported that farm animals have eaten over a trillion GMO meals.  And there are no farmers reporting an increase in tumors.  The article’s title even states that the debate about GMOs is over.  If they were harmful we would be seeing it.  And we’re not.

My guess is the debate is nowhere near finished.  The fact that the journal which originally published the previously mentioned mouse article retracted the study won’t get press.  I’m guessing you didn’t have any idea it was poor science, much less that it was torn apart until they actually had to say “never mind.”

Meanwhile, perfectly healthy animals all over the country are eating a safe, affordable food.

They’re probably even glad to have it.

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3 thoughts on “There Should be Something Wrong with my Cat

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I think it is useful information. What I don’t understand is why the food companies are fighting the labeling if there is nothing harmful in the food. I would like to know what I am eating and decide for myself.

    • Hey Tony, thanks for stopping by. The FDA regulates labels and they have the final say. If you’re looking for non GMO products there are labels you can look for. USDA certified organic or Non-GMO Project Verified offer choices to consumers like yourself. Also, I stopped by your blog and read a recent post about GMOs and I wanted to clear up a misconception. There are 8 GMO products available in the US- corn, soybeans, cotton, canola, alfalfa, squash, sugar beets, and papayas. I’d be happy to answer any other questions you might have as well. Food is such an important topic!

  2. Good post and I am with you. My animals are just fine and are healthy and happy animals who eat a good diet that includes GMO’s. The debate is far from over but there needs to be better science and research that is fair and not based on biases or fear. Thanks for another good post 🙂

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