GMO Testing

Apparently I’m just stubborn enough to continue on with an idea, even after protest that readers don’t want simple, easy-to-swallow facts to make food choices!

I guess I just think maybe simple is good. 🙂

simple, easy-to-swallow facts for making food choices

Or maybe I just like playing with typography.


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4 thoughts on “GMO Testing

  1. Zac Pesce

    Great to see another Christian home schooling family, active and vocal and sharing! That is more important than any other stance you can take. God Bless your home. However, it is very disheartening to see yet another advocate / beneficiary of subsidized genetically engineered foods. I must ask, are you against labeling of GMO’s? Can you answer truthfully, NO? If that is the case, great. Label it and let the people decide what they will buy. If you answer yes, this is a tell tale sign that you don’t trust it yourself! How wicked is that, trick others for the profit of yourself. This technology (not food) is not tested by the EPA! Have you ever see the EPA test this “product”? The answer is no, because they don’t – FACT. Monsanto tests their own products, or funds the “third party” testing that they purport, this is a conflict of interest as they are in FULL CONTROL of the test results. Further more the publicized testing is for 90 days at the most, and this is about 1/10000 the testing sample needed to determine the full metabolic effects of consuming genetically modified products, in single and multiple generations. Please do your homework before mixing the Perfecvt Gospel of Christ and a capitalist industrial agenda. Keep the faith and ditch this perversion of man the is Genetically MODIFYING ORGANISMS, AKA – WE can do it better than the creator. It is satanic, just like Satan tried to take the place of God, so is Monsatanto. Think of all the innocent children whose blood will be on the hands of all those who blindly endorsed this unproven tech market. One that will undoubtable negatively impact the world food supply if the current pace of unchecked propagation continues. Trust on God for yields, not greedy, fallible man. You may not be able to afford the same life style, but your conscience will be clear!

  2. Keep speaking the truth. Some out there want to use fear to keep people in the dark and sell a more expensive idea or something they want. Research has been done and people just want to hold onto their old ideas just to try to be right. Sty the course and have a blessed rest of the week. (Hope this snow storm we’re getting missed ya’ll).

    • Thanks Seasonsgirl! So far so good on the weather, but I have plans for tonight so I’m off to knock on some wood😉.

  3. Keep fighting the good fight!

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