Leaving the Farm

Just a quick post today to say I’m not on the farm; I’m in Washington D.C. with my Ag Leaders of Tomorrow class! Hopefully I’ll be getting tons of great information to share with you, but first, a shout-out to the people who make it possible for me to be gone.  

That’s the USDA building. We’ll be there soon!

Thanks to grandparents who happily keep my flock of kiddos (Or is it a herd?  Yes.  Feels like a herd!), Daddy, who is taking care of the actual flocks and herds while Brett and I are away, and other grandparents who pitch in with the animals and make it works so Daddy can be with the kids some as well.  It might take a village to raise a child, but leaving a farm is even more involved. 🙂

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