White As Snow

Recognize this?

Lizzie's all grown up!  {DaddysTractor.com}

Yah, that’s Lizzie, the “little” lamb we brought home–wasn’t it just yesterday?!

Lizzie's all grown up!  {DaddysTractor.com}

Last time I think you saw her she looked like this.  I can’t believe how much she’s grown!

The thing is, its spring time and I have baby fever.  Baby animals that is.  I’m posting these photos to remind myself next time I see a cute bunny or whatever that they don’t stay little for long because, yeah, this happened last week.

Not so "little" animals on the farm!  {DaddysTractor.com}

There are just three.  And they’re for the kids.  I promise.  Because I know that baby animals grow up all to quickly.  I really do.

Then again, they’re pretty amusing as grown animals too.


For example, here’s a photo bomb by Harriet.

And this is Harriet and Fanny as I was leaving their pen.

Not so "little" animals on the farm!  {DaddysTractor.com} Not so "little" animals on the farm!  {DaddysTractor.com}

Don’t leeeeeeeeave us, Mom!

And Lizzie again, trying to eat the camera’s strap.  So adorbs.

Not so "little" animals on the farm!  {DaddysTractor.com}

So maybe not so “little,” and a long ways from “white as snow,” but know what?

Pretty fun anyway.

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5 thoughts on “White As Snow

  1. We got baby fever this year too and got 10 new baby chicks… that means with our 10 current grown chickens we re up to 20…I don’t know what I was thinking, but the new baby’s are so darn cute… good luck with your chicks.
    And I agree… animals are quite amusing 😉

    • Aw! What kind did you get?

      • 5 New Hampshire’s and 5 Columbian Rock’s. I keep meaning to post abut it then get busy 😉 We still have 5 of our original Rhode islands and 5 Buff Orpingtons. But since their older we need new layers so 10 new babies were called for 🙂 Lots of fun and cuteness. What kind did you all get?

      • Buff Orpingtons. Same reason. Our first layers are a out three years old, but really we don’t need more, as there are more than 20 of them- lol!

      • Ya 20 is a lot… I’m not sure what we’ll do with them all… hope your new 2 buffs get accepted in your flock well and they are fun for the whole family until they join the rest of the flock 🙂

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