Something New

I’ve been waiting to tell you to make sure I wasn’t going to fail the first day and have to take it all back, but I’m excited to announce– I’ve started a new job!

I’m writing blog posts for an agricultural news website called, specifically their Precision site.  I even have a title: Co-editor of 🙂  It’s been such a long time since I’ve had any title but Mommy!  I was pretty nervous at first about how I would juggle yet another ball in the chaos that is our lives, but I’m liking it a lot.

I'm working for now!

They use they same platform for their site that I do here on Daddy’s Tractor, so I changed the color of the dashboard on my AgWired site (it’s melon and orange, so fun!) to make sure my Mommy brain doesn’t do something crazy, like post about baby chicks on their professional news media page!!  The work is so different though, I doubt there will be much cross-over– at least on purpose!  Yesterday I read press-releases from the parent company of Case IH about who will be sourcing tires for their new cart, from National Corn Growers Association and a letter they sent to Congress about the EPA, and another from two cooperatives that are joining together to make a new one.  Since the readers are from the field of agriculture (pun intended 😉 ) I don’t even have to write out those acronyms.  Very different!

And even though you didn’t hear from me much last week, I’m hoping this new job will help me make this an even better blog.  I should be learning lots!

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13 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Wishing you the best for your new job… Congrats 🙂

    • Thanks Seasonsgirl!

      • P.S. Do you still have rhubarb you need to use? My grandma said I have a cookbook with a rhubarb pudding if you want I’ll look it up ?

      • Oh wow! I did a quick search on Pinterest and now I’m in trouble again! Thank you! But unless you need the recipe too I’m probably fine with one of my new pins. Finding it sounds like a lot of work-lol!

      • Its no work. My grandma told me which cookbook she gave me has it. So if you ever want it let me know. Have fun with your new recipes with rhubarb 🙂

  2. Christine

    Congratulations! Very proud of you and can’t wait to see this grow.

  3. Kelly, congratulations! I’ve been following your blog since finding you on pinterest, and I’m a huge fan. So I have to ask. Did you attend MSA in high school (class of 2000)? Boomba hey?

    • Oh my goodness! Boomba Hey! High school friends reconnecting through Pinterest- is that a new one?! I hopped over and checked out your blog- seems we have lots in common!!

  4. Congratulations!

  5. Brett

    Congrats on the new role writing for Agwired! I look forward to your comments! Good luck, but I am sure it will go well!


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