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Even More Daddy’s Tractor! (Aren’t you Excited!)

Because I have nothing else to do, (oops, excuse me while I pull the little guy out of a pile of noodles I put in the trash this morning) and I am other wise bored (except for where I had to stop right here to put my little girl’s shoes on) I am starting another project!  (Right after I make lunch.)

I’ve created a Daddy’s Tractor Facebook page!

Daddy's Tractor now had it's own Facebook page!

I honestly try not to alienate all my Facebook friends with constant posts about how much chemical really goes on an acre of soybeans, and for those of you who don’t know me in real life, well, I probably haven’t accepted your friend request. 😛

So if you need a daily does of science, facts, reassurance, or cute animals, now you’ll know where to find me.

And tell your friends.  (Right after you clean up the tea your toddler spilt while you were reading this.)

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