On the Farm Quiet Book

Let’s face it: farm life is cuter in felt.  The cows are easier to handle, hay isn’t itchy, nothing smells bad.  Plus felt is quiet and good for keeping future farmers and ranchers busy during church.  Which is why I’m back with quiet books!

Ideas for "On the Farm" quiet book from felt.

I found a pattern for a barn with finger puppets at Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows.  Ideas for "On the Farm" quiet book from felt.

It worked really well and I loved not needing to measure all the white strips.  Her pages look like they were made for a 8 x 10 inch book and mine are 9 x 9, so I changed the size to 80% before printing.

My other change was that I cut double of everything and sewed them together for strength.  The chick’s wings are a double thickness, as are the ears, etc..

Ideas for "On the Farm" quiet book from felt.

This particular gift is for my nephew.  Since my brother’s family raises Charolais cattle I made my cow all white.  Unfortunately that makes him look like a sheep to the rest of us, but Xander will get it!

My next two pages are a backdrop for the puppets, as well as a few other farm essentials.

Ideas for "On the Farm" quiet book from felt.

Because I must have crazy, I bought a sheet of thin metal at Hobby Lobby and cut it to 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 and sewed it between the pages, making these backdrops magnetic.  This was a struggle, since I don’t own the right scissors and I forgot to cut out notches for the eyelets the first time.  Also, don’t bother with the pocket on top.  The metal is too sharp for little fingers to be reaching down between the pages and the felt is already stretched too tight for storing.

Ideas for "On the Farm" quiet book from felt.

I made some double-thickness fence pieces with magnets between the layers.  You’ll need the tiny, super-strong kind.  Cheap magnet tape won’t hold through all the felt.  I like to sew everything but there wasn’t room to get my needle around the magnets, I wasn’t doing this by hand, and magnets stick to the sewing machine.  So hot glue.  I also added a pick-up truck with magnets to run the errands. 😉

Ideas for "On the Farm" quiet book from felt.

My last page is a hay field, baled and ready for eating.  The tractor is green, but I will learn to live with that.  Again, the hay bales and the tractor are magnets stuck to the background.

Ideas for "On the Farm" quiet book from felt.

The last page is a pocket for storing the fencing, truck, and tractor, as well as any other pieces that can go to future pages.  I like to make my quiet books with eyelets and rings so pages can change as the child grows.

So now you’ll have something to do if you’re bored this weekend- lol!

Ideas for "On the Farm" quiet book from felt.

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