Super Secret Farm Conspiracy

Ever wondered what these signs mean?

Summer sights along the highway are Queen Anne’s Lace in bunches in the median, cows standing in groups in a pond, and random signs posted by fields.  Ever wonder what these signs mean?

Ever wondered what these signs mean?

I recently spoke with a fellow blogger who’d had a conversation with a gentleman that insisted these signs meant the fields were owned by the company whose name is printed on them.  He was very concerned that all the farmland in his area was owned by major corporations instead of family farms.

It’s time to stop believing everything you read on the Internet people.

Ever wondered what these signs mean?

Despite her reassurances this wasn’t the case, this man was very insistent it was all a “Big Ag” conspiracy.  She was just a poor, deluded farmer who didn’t understand how things work.

Well, I may be poor 😉 and I may even be deluded, but I actually have a deed that shows we own our land.  So unless that’s a government conspiracy by my county courthouse, I’m telling you, these signs mean no such thing.

And since the idea of conspiracy within the farm community boggles my mind (Really?  Farmers who disagree on the color of tractors have ALL come to the conclusion that we should keep massive secrets from the general public?  Really?) I’ve decided to have a little fun with this one.

Leave me a comment and tell me what the purpose of these signs are– funny, silly, realistic, whatever.

And then come back Wednesday to find out for sure!

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8 thoughts on “Super Secret Farm Conspiracy

  1. Christine

    The signs show company logos and the variety of the soybean, which corresponds to plants bred to develop the seeds planted in the field (just like livestock genetics). As far as why farmers have the signs on their land, my understanding has been that it’s a sign of pride in the crop and their personal relationship with those companies. Look forward to hearing your take!

  2. I’m a city girl who studied history and environmental science in college who enjoys ranting about how “Big Ag” is destroying the world one TRUE Family Farm at a time.

    I’m pretty sure these signs are for various research studies (run by some combination of farmer, university, or seed company) that test the productivity of different varieties of seed.

  3. They tell you the kind of crop, company, and variety of that crop you use in the field. Your posts always keep me amused, smiling, or educated. Thanks 🙂

  4. Sharon Lynn

    I always thought it had something to do with the specific varieties of crops planted in that location. But I still do not understand the numbers and why the signs are posted.

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