Oh Hail

Hail damage on the farm

Just a day or so ago these were thriving, healthy bean plants.

Hail damage on the farm

Then came the hail.

Hail damage on the farm

A massive downpour and so much falling ice that it destroyed our crops in a matter of minutes.

Hail damage on the farm

And there was nothing we could do.

Hail damage on the farm

These leaves are useless to the plant now.  No more photosynthesis.  No more energy.  No more crop.

Hail damage on the farm

There is insurance.  But this is heartbreaking.  This is farming.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Hail

  1. Peggy Wiedmeyer

    We feel your pain. Keep on farming!

  2. Melissa

    I am so sorry for your loss! It is so hard to see all that hard work destroyed in minutes. So happy to hear you have insurance!

  3. vrein11

    I am so sorry.. What a loss…

    • Thank you! We’ll recover and be fine. It just makes your heart sick to see it. Like any of Mother Nature’s forces I guess!

  4. Mike Sharpe

    Sorry to see that. Been a bad year for everybody. We got it last year that bad in a couple places.

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