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#MOFBImagine Cuties

Christmas traditions are important, and one of ours is the annual Missouri Farm Bureau meeting the first weekend in December.  It’s held at a resort on the Lake of the Ozarks, with the conference held in the main lodge.  The first several years we tried to get rooms in the main hotel or in one of the buildings with a walkway so we’d be close to everything, but now we love getting a room in the “estates” where our favorite place has a huge deck overlooking the water and a fireplace the hotel staff cleans! Brian goes to vote on changes to our policy, I go for the quiet room, and both of us have more friends than we can catch up with at the conference.

This year’s conference was more “adorable” than usual.  The theme “Imagine” inspired the state staff to put together a video of what our kids imagine the future will be like when they are grown up and farming on their own. You may find a familiar face or two!

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