Adding Authentic Farmhouse to Your Decor

I see these great pictures of farmhouse decor mudrooms on Pinterest and I’m always just so amazed.  Where is the MUD?!  Our little place doesn’t have much space for a mudroom, or even lockers, so our back hallway is always crowded with coats, jackets, mittens, coveralls, insulated chore boots, thawing water buckets, egg baskets and anything the little guy wants to add to the pile.

farmhouse 2

I mean really, why bother cleaning at all?  At minimum we’ll go in and out of this backdoor, through the snow, slush, or ice, at least four times a day, usually more.  So what would be the point?

No point whatsoever.

In fact, I’m embracing it.

Because you’re probably aware that “farmhouse chic” is all the rage in home decor right now.  Some people like the vintage look, or add industrial touches.

farmhouse 1

I’m calling mine “authentic farmhouse.”

And it is so on trend.

farmhouse 5

To DIY this in your home you’ll need an indoor space for drying coveralls.  Try to find unmatched leather gloves for this area as well.

Farmhouse 4

A vignette is a great way to bring a little of the country to your home.  Start with a basic place for all the bills (very farmhouse authentic) and add extras like farm tools and the many electronic devices your farmer uses each day.  Don’t forget their cords.  Add to your look with a pile of farm magazines.  Toss yearly to make room for the 18 inch stack you’ll be receiving.  For every conference/expo/event attended you’ll also need another file folder to hold all the promotional materials that must be retained for future reference.  For additional texture, keep several hats with farm brand logos prominently featured.  The display gains depth if your hats were given for “free” after spending thousands of dollars with a company.

farmhouse 3

Although not specifically part of a mudroom, an open door to the bathroom can provide a glimpse of other farmhouse must-haves.  A boot dryer is fought over not only by people wanting warm, dry boots, but home decorators across the country.  A gallon sized container of industrial-strength hand cleaner can be found at your local farm store.

farmhouse 6

Also available at farm stores is the authentic chicken waterer.  This works best in the space if it is covered in ice and can drip water continuously throughout the day.

farmhouse 7

Bonus points go to any entryway containing a bag of trash if the trash truck was unable to navigate your driveway the last three trash days because of ice or snow.

So add some farmhouse to your home.  It’s easier than you might think!

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15 thoughts on “Adding Authentic Farmhouse to Your Decor

  1. you forgot to smear some mud on the walls… 😉

  2. Dawn

    Haha who knew! We thought we were backwoods hillbilly but we are actually right on trend! So relieved to know I don’t have to re-decorate!

  3. Kim paysen

    Enjoyed this. Thanks! Will smile again as I wade through mine to go do chores!!

  4. Peggy

    Don’t forget those gingham curtains, tablecloths and chair pads that are shown in every “country” magazine. The only house I’ve ever seen with gingham was a city gal’s home decorated as country. Does anyone else use gingham? i do love it but from my experience it is only a cliche.

  5. Hilarious! We are nailing the “farm vignette” at my house 🙂

  6. Sarah P

    I am new to your blog and loved this my life! Guess I will enjoy the kids/farm mess at all doors now, instead of trying to always change it :). Sarah P

  7. hilarious!

  8. vicki

    PHEW…. And all this time I thought I was totally missing it!! I NAILED IT!!!! WHOOHOOO!!! Pinterest, here I come!!

  9. Does farm house chic involve dirty bibs and muck boots piled by the front door? Story of my life!

  10. Love this! Thanks for the laugh!

  11. This is great, Kelly! Love your humor! 🙂

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