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View From the Combine’s Seat

Sure, many crops are harvested in the summer, but for corn and soybean farmers pulling the combine out of the shed conjures thought of apples and pumpkins, chilly nights and football games.  Not so with wheat harvest.

Wheat harvest-- pictures from the combine's seat.

We have been planting a small percentage of our acres to wheat over the past few years to help build terraces.  Summer is the time to take the bulldozer out to the fields to fix any damage done by torrential rains or the effects of time.  That doesn’t work so well if you’ve got crops growing in those fields, so we started growing wheat because the late June/early July harvest window means time to work on our soil conservation efforts.

Wheat harvest-- pictures from the combine's seat.

For those who are new, I love growing wheat.  It’s the first thing to green up after a long winter and it’s beautiful in all it’s growing stages.

This year, however, I thought instead of snapping my usual photos I’d ask Wayne to take some shots from his place in the driver’s seat.

Wheat harvest-- pictures from the combine's seat.

How’s that for a workplace view?

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San Antonio Bound!

Sorry. I know it’s late. But believe it or not this is what I’ve been doing today.


In case you can’t tell that’s us preparing a display of the Where Does Your Pizza Come From? day we did last July. Our project was submitted to American Farm Bureau and it was chosen as one of 20 projects to be displayed at the annual meeting in San Antonio in January! We are pretty excited about this honor, especially since it involves going to a warm location in the middle of January! 😉


So tonight we were up at the Farm Bureau office, gluing and cutting fabric in a very farmer-like fashion! The strips of brown fabric are precisely cut to the size of the grain head, and the windrows behind the combine are precisely cut to the size of the tractor’s front wheels. It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!


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